Natalie Trainor painting at her desk

My name is Natalie Trainor. I’m a fine artist, graphic designer, and photo retoucher based in Montreal, Quebec. Art and creativity have always been a part of my life. My grandmother was an oil painter and my brother is an illustrator/graphic designer. My mother always carried extra pens in her purse so we could draw while out in restaurants and coffee shops. I never had any formal training; I began painting watercolours when I was eight years old while following a local artist paint on television. Every week he would demonstrate a new painting and I tried to replicate it as best as I could with my Crayola paints, printing paper, and dollar store brushes.


My passion for visual arts continued to grow in college where I studied Graphic and Web Design. I graduated from John Abbott College (Montreal) in 2007 and began my career as a Graphic Designer in the cosmetic industry (Ding, Dong – Avon Calling!). While working full-time, I studied Photography at Concordia University and earned my diploma in 2009. While studying photography I was introduced to post-production. Although I did take a few Photoshop courses in college, they never quite touched on photo retouching. I immediately signed up to all of the Photoshop courses I could take and my passion quickly shifted from photography to photo retouching.


Although I did and do continue to enjoy my career as a graphic designer/retoucher, I was seeking a creative outlet and a place to display my fine art projects. That’s when I decided to open my ETSY shop, Natalie Trainor Design. In 2018 I began selling greeting cards featuring my watercolours and art prints. I’ve always wanted to have my own line of greeting cards and I thought ETSY would be the best place to start. I love combining my graphic design and watercolour skills to create beautiful cards and art prints.


Please get in touch with me for you next project whether it be graphic design or retouching. I’d be more than happy to help! And don’t forget to check out NatalieTrainorDesign at ETSY.